Sunday, April 19, 2009

AB for ATC's

I started with a granola box for the cover.
Then I covered the cardboard with fabric to go with the fabric pages inside. I used ultra-fusible web to adhere the fabric, adding the letters on top.
The pages are two layers of fabric zigzagged together with cardstock inside to give the pages stiffness. A yarn tie holds the pages in and more could easily be added by slipping behind the tie.

Yarn ties also hold ATC's in place. I'm not real happy with that part because I couldn't get them tight enough and the cards slip. I intend to keep working on a better way.


  1. How resourceful you are! I'm gonna haveta find me some of that fusible web and thick is that fabric and how about glueing some envelope bottoms to the pages (or fusing them) and then people can take out the atc's to look at them? Great inventiveness and I know you will find a solution you like. :-)