Friday, August 7, 2009

Crested Butte get-away

We spent a couple days in Crested Butte this week. The wildflowers made blankets of color everywhere. And the views from our condo were spectacular. A camera never quite does it justice. Hiking at the ski area was interesting, as I'd never been there when there wasn't snow. Everything looks so different. But again... a blanket of wild flowers.


  1. These photos are lovely - I'm an Aussie - Colorado is one of the places in America I'd really like to see one day. The second last photos is gorgeous.

  2. Thanks Suzanne. I hope you can come to Colorado someday. It is a beautiful place. The second to last photo was taken up on the ski area mountain looking northwest.

  3. Well, there is only one place in this world I know called Crested Butte, and you have captured it brilliantly! What a reminder of such a wonderful space in this world. Thank you for bringing it back to life for me. I do so miss the mountains and the sunsets of the West.

    XO from Mary in Massachusetts (formerly a Colordao Native!!)